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Kerry Grant has made a name for himself as a visual artist living and creating in Kansas City, Missouri since 2015. Before launching a career as a full-time artist, Kerry worked as a buyer for a national retail chain for 11 years. After a successful career both buying and designing men’s shoes, he is now using his skills to aesthetically enhance and stylize businesses, home interiors and much more. 


With a passion for creativity, Kerry believes that fine art can truly enrich lives and transform people’s minds, perspectives and living spaces. His online gallery circumvents traditional gallery settings and aims to provide easy access to fine art and modern decor. 

Kerry is also a loud voice in the LGBTQ+ community of Kansas City and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed regardless or their race, gender, sexual orientation or social/economic background. 


If you’re drawing a blank on how to personalize your space, Kerry is available for free consultations in person or virtual. You’re definitely going to want a Kerry Grant original in your space!



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