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Interested in a custom piece of artwork designed specifically for you and your space? Schedule a free consultation with us today! We'll discuss your preferences, inspirations, and budget to create a piece of artwork that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Contact us at to schedule your consultation now.

  • Schedule an in-person or FaceTime consultation today!

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Many factors contribute to the price of resin resurfacing. Namely, total surface area, materials, and equipment costs. Want a quote for your potential project? Send an instant message or fill out the below project form and receive your estimate within the hour!


Any horizontal surface can be remastered into a custom work of art! Tables, desks, counters, bar tops, floors and anything else you can think of!


Resurfacing your existing furniture with resin is practical and environmentally friendly. It's also thousands less than natural stone or granite. Cost effective and highly customizable sounds like a win, no?

how long?

Timelines vary based on project size and location. Most projects are completed in 2-3 days, 3-6 hours each day.

Is shipping available?

A few miles have never stopped art! Shipping and travel options are available. If you don't live in the Kansas City Metro area, fill out the project form.

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